Retreat Center, Restoration Oaks Ranch

Restoration Oaks Ranch
Restoration Oaks Ranch is a 1,000 acre Cattle Ranch, Blueberry Farm, and Retreat Center located in the Santa Ynez Valley, approximately 35 miles north of Santa Barbara. In addition to our seasonal U-Pick blueberry farm, we host various events year round, and invite you to use our beautifully updated Retreat House for small group (10 - 20 people) Retreats or as a weekly or monthly Vacation Home. We are continually working to restore and preserve the natural beauty of Restoration Oaks’ native California landscape and protect its natural resources.

Reserve the Retreat House at Restoration Oaks
Groups of 10-20 people use the Retreat House for leader retreats, staff getaways, team building weekends and other kinds of creative get-togethers. Small group retreats are a great way to encourage communication, strengthen bonds, and set new goals. A few days away together where morale is high and everyone is on the same page can really work wonders. So... take a few minutes to identify the small groups within your organization and start making plans for your own Mini Retreat at Restoration Oaks Ranch.

To go to the Restoration Oaks Retreat House site, with photos and information about our Retreat/Vacation House & Guest Bungalow, amenities, accommodations, availibility, rates, and more, click here.




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